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Outbreak of Chikungunya in the Republic of Congo and the global picture

Alyson Ann Kelvin

Journal of Infection in Developing Countries



Chikungunya fever is a crippling disease caused by an arthropod-borne virus (arbovirus) transmitted to humans through mosquitoes.  Although Chikungunya virus is not often associated with mortality, the effects of virus outbreaks are often devastating, causing significant economic loss due to the strain on health care.  Chikungunya is quickly spreading globally as a result of viral genetic mutations leading to the adaptation of new vector hosts and insecticide resistance.  The recent outbreak of Chikungunya fever in the republic of Congo has reported thousands of people affected.  Here we review the past Chikungunya fever epidemiology and new reports aimed at therapeutic intervention of this disease.  


Chikungunya; virus; arbovirus; outbreak; Congo; cytokine

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