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Vol 11, No 02: February 2017

Table of Contents


Acinetobacter: an underrated foodborne pathogen? PDF
Angelo Maximo Batista de Amorim, Janaína dos Santos Nascimento 111-114

Original Articles

Evaluation of Borama tuberculosis control program in Somaliland, Somalia PDF
Mohamed Gedi Qayad, Gianfranco Tarsitani 115-122
Can imaging modalities be used as follow-up criteria after brucellar sacroiliitis treatment? PDF
Aybars Bilgeturk, Hanefi Cem Gul, Ahmet Karakas, Gurkan Mert, Cumhur Artuk, Can Polat Eyigun 123-128
Evaluation of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus nasal carriage in Malagasy pig and poultry non-industrial farmers PDF
Tsiry Rasamiravaka, Tojo Tiana Andriatsitohanana, Andry Rasamindrakotroka 129-135
Prevalence, serotype distribution, and antimicrobial resistance of Salmonella isolated from food products in Morocco PDF
Nadia Amajoud, Brahim Bouchrif, Mohammed El Maadoudi, Nadia Skalli Senhaji, Bouchra Karraouan, Abdeltif El Harsal, Jamal El Abrini 136-142
Occurrence of plasmid-mediated quinolone resistance and virulence genes in avian Escherichia coli isolates from Algeria PDF
Meradi Laarem, Abouddihaj Barguigua, Kaotar Nayme, Abdi Akila, Khalid Zerouali, Naima El Mdaghri, Mohammed Timinouni 143-151
Impact of different antiseptics on umbilical cord colonization and cord separation time PDF
Hulya Ozdemir, Hulya Bilgen, Ahmet Topuzoglu, Senay Coskun, Guner Soyletir, Mustafa Bakir, Eren Ozek 152-157
Variable-number tandem repeat markers for Mycobacterium intracellulare genotyping: comparison to the 16S rRNA gene sequencing PDF
Kaisen Chen, Yangyi Zhang, Yiping Peng 158-165
Mean platelet volume in the differential diagnosis of tuberculous and bacterial meningitis PDF
Carlos Rodrigo Camara-Lemarroy, Guillermo Delgado-Garcia, Juan Gilberto De la Cruz-Gonzalez, Hector Jorge Villareal-Velazquez, Fernando Gongora-Rivera 166-172
Cryptosporidium species and subtypes in diarrheal children and HIV-infected persons in Ebonyi and Nsukka, Nigeria PDF
Boniface Nwofoke Ukwah, Ifeoma Maureen Ezeonu, Chinonyelum Thecla Ezeonu, Dawn Roellig, Lihua Xiao 173-179
Giardia duodenalis genotypes among schoolchildren and their families and pets in urban and rural areas of Sinaloa, Mexico PDF
Patricia Catalina García-Cervantes, María Elena Báez-Flores, Francisco Delgado-Vargas, Martha Ponce-Macotela, Yukifumi Nawa, María del-Carmen de-la-Cruz-Otero, Mario N. Martínez-Gordillo, Sylvia Páz Díaz-Camacho 180-187

Brief Original Articles

Risk factors for infection development after transrectal prostate biopsy and the role of resistant bacteria in colonic flora PDF
Emine Dilek Eruz, Aysun Yalci, Eriz Ozden, Halide Aslaner, Suna Ogucu-Durgun, Deniz Derya Koseoglu-Taymur, Kemal Osman Memikoglu, Hakan Erdem, Halil Kurt 188-191
Causes of visual impairment in patients with ocular toxoplasmosis PDF
Nedime Şahinoğlu Keşkek, Fikret Ünal, Selim Cevher, Şakir Özgür Keşkek 192-195

Case Reports

First case of pneumonia caused by Cupriavidus pauculus in an infant in the Gulf Cooperation Council PDF
Raghda Yahya, Wafaa Alyousef, Abdelwahab Omara, Suha Alamoudi, Alanoud Alshami, Baha Abdalhamid 196-198
Neonatal brucellosis: A case report PDF
Abdul Rahman M. Alnemri, Adnan Hadid, Shaik Asfaq Hussain, Ali M. Somily, Badr H. Sobaih, Abdulkarim Alrabiaah, Awad Alanazi, Zahid Shakoor, Sarah AlSubaie, Naema Meriki, Abdelmageed M. Kambal 199-202
Colibacillosis in a New Zealand white rabbit (Oryctolagus cuniculus) PDF
Melissa Saravia, Cristopher Segovia, Katherinne Valderrama, Javier Santander 203-206

Letters to the Editor

Occurence of hypodermosis in Pakistan, Iran and Turkey: comparative risk factor analysis and future perspectives PDF
Haroon Ahmed, Muhammad Sohail Afzal, Ozge Ozyalin, Mobushir Riaz Khan, Sami Simsek 207-211


Peptide nucleic acid antisense oligomers open an avenue for developing novel antibacterial molecules PDF
Anubrata Ghosal 212-214